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Children's Quizzing
Children's Quizzing



Welcome to the Children's Quizzing web site.


The primary purpose of this web site is to make questions available to you for Children's Quizzing.  The book for 2016-2017 is Genesis, chapters 37, 39-50.  The Bible translation being used this year is the HCSB - Holman Christian Standard Bible 

Note: We now have a tab for teen quizzing. I'll try to keep all such related info under that tab.


Month 1 Questions are now ready.

October     37:1-40:23
November    41:1-42:38
December    43:1-45:28
January    46:1-47:31
February    48:1-50:26



Click on the tabs at the top of the page to view the separate web pages.

If you are interested in ordering quiz questions, please click on the Quiz Questions tab and follow the directions on that page.



Children's Quizzing Book Rotation

Genesis 37, 39-50

Exodus 1-20

Luke 1-11

Luke 12-24

Acts 1-12

Acts 13-28

1 Samuel

Matthew 1-15

Matthew 16-28

Please watch the video below.  It explains why Bible quizzing is so important.

Children's Quizzing Scoresheet for Quizzes

Adobe Acrobat document [26.7 KB]
Updated Rules
Added some helpful rule updates for Situation Questions along with updates on quiz structures
Children's Quizzing Rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [323.0 KB]
Season schedule all dates confirmed
K-6 2016-2017 season schedule.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [11.1 KB]
2017 Quiz Festival registration form(s)
If you haven't already downloaded this from somewhere else, or seen it from another source, It's here for your convenience.
2017 Quiz Festival Registration.docx
Microsoft Word document [19.7 KB]
2 on 2 Scoresheet with scoring rules
2 on 2 Scoresheet New.xls
Microsoft Excel sheet [39.5 KB]
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